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Transforming you from


The Best Wedding Planner EVER! What a blessing that it was of mine :) I know there were aspects of the plan that were complicated but you and your staff executed it flawlessly. What and dream come true!! I will always be grateful to you for making our special day amazing! 


            -  Terri and Jenette Richard


We have a large selection of  white silk floral centerpiece  rentals.  Beautiful and affordable arrangements with matching headtable, guest table, gift table and place card table  decor. 

Centerpiece Rental Package  Includes:

                                                  * mirror

                                                  * 2-4 tealights and holders per table

                                                  * rose petals

We also have white & gold arches and 7 foot white pillar arrangements  for rent.

                                                 *choice of  2 or 3 pillar arrangement



Do you need assistance in finding the perfect favor that matches your theme? 

Or have you put off getting your favors and now you have no time to get it done?

Either way,  no worries- we are here to help you with any and all aspects of your wedding !

We will order/pick up all of the items needed (candy, popcorn, boxes, ribbon)  and have it ready in time for your event.

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